visual surface inspection of plates of stone


Objectively assessable quality criteria are required for natural products more often. The testing facility of FusionSystems allows such an assessment of the appearance of natural stone. With the system, the customer requests regarding the visual appearance can be accurately detected. In the manufacturing process the natural stones are tested in a 100% test based on the concept of the customer and he receives a product that is exactly consistent with his requirements. The subjective and complex manual testing is carried out objectively and thereby effectively


easy to integrate
Mounting to existing lines easily and without interfering with the control level of the line possible
variable plate size
Natural stone panels up to a plate size up to 80 x 80 cm can be tested
easy to transport
The facility can be packed on an europallet.
integrated documentation
Test results are stored and can be exported



The facility is based on detecting the natural stone surface with a high resolution digital camera and the subsequent stochastic analysis of the captured images. Which appearances are to be recognized as "good", can easily be trained with limiting samples. The configuration for a specific customer order can be saved and loaded at any time.


Testing criteria

    • Venation
      • Length and direction
      • Number
      • Scale distribution
    • Texture
      • Granularity
      • Number and size of inclusions
    • Color properties
      • Scale distribution
      • Color spectrum of the stone plate