Application examples


Everywhere where cargo is transported continuously, AGVs can optimize the logistical processes. The fields are as varied as the transportation tasks in :

  • Industry
  • Service industry
  • Business
  • Health care
  • Public service and many more
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Following two examples provide insights into the wide range of applications:

Automatic transport platforms with navigation system
The automatic transport platforms of Beldrive Engineering GmbH are equiped with track guidance navigation system FSLineNav. The compact FSLinearNav with optical line sensor is mounted here in the middle of the vehicle , allowing the forward and reverse driving with only one sensor. FSLinearNav communicates via a bus system with the transport platform.

Mobile elevating work platform at the dutch railway service provider NedTrain
At NedTrain the mobile elevating work platforms were equipped with track guidance navigation system FSLinearNav and an additional control module. The detection of the track is carried out in a modification of the optical model with inductive sensors , which are mounted at the front and back of the vehicle.
In this case the navigation system is installed in an electric control cabinet at the vehicle and is responsible for track control and the driving forward and backward.